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The MFI Resource Page is a site dedicated to hard-working pastors and their staff seeking to honor Christ as they labor in their local churches.

Benefit from all the resources the MFI family has to offer.

You will find on this site resources from MFI men and women who, by God’s grace, endured until they were able to provide for others their best practices, choice nuggets of discovery, and hidden treasures of wisdom. Discover here theology helps, position papers, administrative aids, how-to material, and where to go for more. Our aim is to provide materials to strengthen your service in His church and navigate the world presently confronting us. The site will grow in wisdom and size; enjoy the journey with us.

Latest Resources

Welcome Sign Pack

Jakob Haymond

Church Plant Seminar

Bob MacGregor

Church Constitution & Government

Bill Scheidler

Steal These Creative Values for Your Church

Jakob Haymond


Managing Vision, a Healthy Staff, and Getting the Important Stuff Done

Candace Cortez

Financing Your Future

Greg Brooks, WIF

Business Practices & Platforms to Save Time & Money for Your Ministry

Christin Champlin

Hospitality: Creating a Place of Honor and Refreshment

Tina Brennan

Church Leadership

Church Constitution & Government

Bill Scheidler

Keys To Effective Prophetic Ministry

Marc Cargill

Leading After Letdown

Daniel Villareal

Strengthening Your Marriage for Optimum Ministry Impact

Jonathan & Raydeane Owens

Persistent Passion

Aaron Richner

Drought to Downpour: Leading the Church

Michael Hurley

Successful Succession

Andrew Cromwell

Priestly Priorities: Pastors & Their Prayer Closets

Lyle Phillips

The Hands That Build Hearts

Jess Strickland

Building a Healthy Eldership Team Culture

Jeff Ecklund

Church Planting

Church Plant Seminar

Bob MacGregor

Profile of a Church Planter

Aaron Richner

Church Planting

Sean Arisco

Church Planting for Church Planters & Church Planting Churches

Dr. Ed Stetzer


Builders Who Never Settle

Luciano Subira

Come on Down

Matt Molt

Builders & Decision Making

Bob Grimm

Blueprints, Bricks and Builders Pt. 2

Dr. Frank Damazio

Blueprints, Bricks and Builders Pt. 1

Dr. Frank Damazio

Birthed From A Burden

William McDowell

Building for Fresh Water, Parted Seas, Old Wells & New Miracles

Natalie Aman

Five Questions All Pastors Should Ask Themselves

Andrew Damazio

Creative & Marketing

Welcome Sign Pack

Jakob Haymond

Steal These Creative Values for Your Church

Jakob Haymond

Digital Missions

Craig Brown

Global Missions

The Holy Spirit & World Missions

Dennis Balcombe

Global Ministry

Sudarshan Komanapalli

Developing a Mission Strategy

Mike & Elizabeth Hennigan


The Action Gap: In-Depth Children’s Ministry

Kristi Krauss

From I Have To to I Can’t Wait To – Kids & Church

Dan & McKenzie Sherrell

Preaching & Communication

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Research Papers

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Turning Nobodies Into Somebodies

Bob MacGregor

God’s University

Steve Williams

Building a Leader’s Intercessors Group

Dr. Mark Jones

From Crowd to Core: Church Growth

Jake Schmelzer

Engaging the Culture through Outreach

Beau Norman


Worship Team Panel

Jessica Hieronymus, Philip Iloff, Charity Mozafari

Stewarding a Unified Worship Community

Ruth Erickson

Building a Healthy Worship Community

Joseph & Tosha Zwanziger


How to Save Young People from Deconstructing Their Faith

Austin Molt

Effective & Sustainable Youth Ministry

Tyrone D. Jones

The Future of Youth Ministry

David Wilkins