Church Leadership

Church Constitution & Government

Pastor Bill Scheidler (Church Leadership Resources) discusses the importance of church constitutions and bylaws and their frequent neglect in local church governance. Many pastors are unaware of the state of their church’s constitution, leading to operational and legal challenges, especially during times of difficulty. Scheidler emphasizes the need for churches to balance governmental requirements with biblical principles in their governance structures. He also encourages churches to be proud of their constitutions, ensuring they are well-thought-out and reflect the church’s mission and legal obligations.

Bill Scheidler served as a pastor and elder at Mannahouse (formerly City Bible Church and Bible Temple) in Portland, Oregon from 1974-2005. During that time, he functioned as a professor at Portland Bible College specializing in the Local Church, Pastoral Ministry and Church Planting. For fifteen years he also oversaw the Pastoral Department of the church and the church planting process. He was actively involved in mentoring church leaders and church planters within City Bible Church and also assisting other churches in developing their leadership and church planting ministries. Bill was involved in the formation of Ministers’ Fellowship International (MFI) in 1986 and worked alongside Dick Iverson, Frank Damazio, Wendell Smith and the Apostolic Leadership Team of MFI as the National and International Director from 1997 to 2005. He has been actively involved in training leaders, writing and assisting in the growth and development of churches both nationally and internationally for decades. In October of 2005, he and his wife JoAnne moved to South Africa where they served the vision of City Life Church in Johannesburg (a church plant of City Bible Church) as well as mentoring pastors, church leaders and church-planting ministries primarily in southern African nations. In 2012, Bill and JoAnne returned to the States where he has been giving himself to personal coaching, church consulting, leadership training, conference speaking and the development of additional resources. He and his wife JoAnne spent a season in Meridian, Idaho and a season in Eagle Point, Oregon. At present, Bill resides in Battle Ground, Washington and serves with the team at City Harvest Church in Vancouver. Bill is the author and/or co-author of several books including The Local Church Today, Apostles, Growing Strong Churches, Principles of Church Life, Present Day Truths, and Maintaining Balance (with Dick Iverson). In addition, he has produced a discipleship series of three books, Next Steps 1.0, Next Steps 2.0 and Next Steps 3.0. His latest book, Watch Out for Wolves, comes with a discussion guide as well, making it ideal for small groups or classes to study together. Bill owes a great deal of his ministry direction and spiritual understanding to his primary mentors in the 1970’s—Dick Iverson and Kevin J. Conner.