Five Questions All Pastors Should Ask Themselves

Everyone is a builder. You are building something. But what have you chosen to build with? What materials have you chosen to build your life with? Pastor Andrew Damazio challenges us with Five Questions Pastors Should Ask Themselves from 1 Corinthians 3:

Are we building shepherds or influencers?
Are we building local churches or platforms?
Are we building upper rooms or productions?
Are we building discipled or consumers?
Are we building communities or gatherings?

Pastors Andrew and Julia have been in full time ministry for over 14 years and are the lead and founding pastors of The Rose Church. They met at Portland Bible College while earning their Bachelors in Theology. After serving as youth pastors for 8 years, they started to pray about where God would lead them next. They took a year to pray in Seattle at Churchome. With a heart for Portland and its people, Pastors Andrew and Julia were sent back to Portland to start Rose Church and launched in spring 2018. Pastors Andrew and Julia have three children: Cruz, Quinn, and Rhodes.