Building dynamic, impacting churches worldwide.

We are a global network of pastors, leaders and churches who build relationships, encourage accountability, resource churches and contend for restoration and revival.

We're better, together.

MFI started with a strong heart desire to connect with pastors and leaders helping them in all ways possible. Our convictions then and now is no leader should walk alone. Every leader needs a family that can stand with the leader in all seasons of ministry. Simply, we love you, the pastor and you the team leader. We will walk with you and we will help you build dynamic leaders & churches.


Localized meetups that happen throughout the year with the purpose of bringing together leaders in those regions.

Global Conference

Our annual conference where we gather together with pastors and leaders from all over the world in Portland, OR.

Early Bird Pricing until June 30th

Resources for the local church.

Our aim is to provide materials to strengthen your service in His church and navigate the world presently confronting us.

Welcome Sign Pack

Jakob Haymond

Church Plant Seminar

Bob MacGregor

Church Constitution & Government

Bill Scheidler

Steal These Creative Values for Your Church

Jakob Haymond